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Today I am going to share with you easy tips to help you improve your work space. If you are an HR, founder, manager or even an employee then you should definitely read out below tips and suggest your company to get change in work space for better productivity.

Setup Plant Pots


This is a great idea to setup indoor office plants. You can buy few indoor plants and keep near the machines, corridor, pantry, cabin etc. Keeping a plant will purify the workspace atmosphere. Plants also helps in reducing eye stress. Once you setup plant pots make sure to water it daily. You will enjoy nurturing and caring your plant. You can also gift indoor plants to colleague.
With this you will almost spend 20-30 mins of your time with plants. It will help you de-stress and calm your feelings. Try it today!

De-clutter and Simplify

Take some time out from daily work and de-clutter things which are not required. Sometimes unnecessary stuffs keep piling up on table, drawer. Throw them away and keep the desk clean.
Cleaning helps to focus on things which are important and trash away unwanted items around us.


Purify Surrounding

Purification of surrounding is very important be if office or home. One should clean the office on regular basis. As today most of the offices contains AC, the rooms are completely packed and there is no way for fresh air to pass. Use air purifier and let the fresh air circulate. Our mind works best in clean environment. You can also use fragrance which boosts the mind. Air Freshener, Incense stick, fresh flowers can kept at office.

Improve Lighting


No one likes to work in dark and dull environment. Few office require light in day time as well. Make sure your light are setup according to sitting position of employee. Quality of light lamps, tube lights used effects eyes. Light has great effect on how it feels. Dim light will make you feel low, lazy. Bright light will make you happy and active.

If you have dim lights at office, change it today and brings happiness at work.

Turn On Music


We all love listening music. Music has great impact on our life. Hearing music release stress and change our mood. You can set up a music system at office and play the songs on demand of your team and enjoy working with music on.
Try this for a couple of days and see how your team reacts. Productivity will improve gradually.

I hope you have got few tips that can help you change your office environment. Let me know if you find this article useful.

Thank you for reading out!


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