Organize your TO DO LIST for Better Productivity
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  • To-Do list is a friend that helps us achieve our day to day goal and its Important to organize To-Do list on Daily basis. Yes that true. Many of us have a daily journal where we jot down task for the day, week or may be a month. That feeling when we tick mark completed activity allows us to relax and get ready for another task. If you want to get things done on time and priority read below article.

Those who haven’t done already, write all that you want to accomplish within a day. Read below to know which task to be done on priority.

Important and Urgent

Prepare your to-do list and list them according to action priority. There will be task that require quick attention and act. Some task will be Important to complete within an hour or a day.
In your daily journal “IMPORTANT AND URGENT” task should come on top of every other task. Urgent task can be following up with boss/client. Important task can be paying child’s fee, filling up certain forms, going to banks, etc.
Ask yourself which task needs to be done in next 24 hours? What are the task which are dependent on other task? Write down the details and start working.

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Important but not Urgent

Few task are Important but they do not require instant importance. These tasks can be written down in list so that you do not forget. You can include task which are important to complete within 2 days or a week. Example booking ticket, skill development, conducting a meeting, visiting xyz place, reading important document before client visit etc.

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Unimportant and not Urgent

In your daily life there are some task which you want to do someday. These tasks can be marked as unimportant and not urgent. Tasks like reading particular book, watching series, learning new hobby, travelling new places, etc. Remember to put everything that you want in To-Do list so that your journal keeps on reminding you about your goals.

Whatever you list on To-Do List make sure you complete on time. This will keep you boosted and help you to add more activities, task, reminders that are required to take actions.

Benefits of Daily Journal are:

  • Jotting down your daily task will save your thinking time each day for next task.
  • You will become more organized and focused.
  • Soon you will accomplish goals that you always wanted to.
  • Most importantly, you will become active than ever before by viewing your action plan.

Plan your To-Do List with these amazing apps. Do let me know which one do you try?


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