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Saving your energy is up to you. Yes, you heard it correct.  No one can take it out unless you permit them or lose control over it. You gain energy by eating good food, supplements meditation, yoga and other forms of wellbeing activity which does not involve any worries and lose it by thinking, worrying, stress, depression, playing, work-out, work, travel, etc. Read this article to understand how can you control your energy for 10x Productivity.

Gain Clarity before Engaging

gain clarity
Gaining clarity is the first step before you invest your energy into some one’s life or other some other activities. Let’s say you are changing channels on TV and suddenly you stop to watch some random TV Show. What might happen in this case is either you think of time you have to watch new show or you just continue the process until you find what interests you.
It’s up to you whether you want to invest time in one to many random activities, or if you want to complete the To-do list with clear mind set. Clarity of thoughts is required in anything you do.

Know Your Weakness and Overcome

overcome limitation
Sometimes our weakness leads us to losing a lot of energy. Here is an example, suppose you are a punctual person and expect the same from others when they meet you. Now the person who is meeting you gets delayed for some reason. Your first reaction will be getting agitated or angry.
This will lead to lose of energy to that emotion or reaction and you will feel low for few hours or all day long as other work is getting affected.
What you can do is understand your weak points and try each day on how you can overcome. It’s difficult but not impossible. You have ample amount of time to learn and experience in different ways and circumstances. Next time when you face similar situation you better think and gain control over it to save your energy.

Avoid unnecessary involvement

Make sure you don’t overthink about any situations, sometime things just don’t happen as per our plan. We assume certain reactions of others and create scene. Whenever you feel this way please pause for few seconds and ask a question- Is this going to add any positive value to my thought process or whatever I am assuming or worrying about is this even relevant for next day?

Unnecessary involvement in thought process just don’t matter in few days, week or even a year. So why drain ourselves? Invest that energy into new ideas or things which needs your attention. Things won’t stop if you don’t involve, life goes on & you should work on your betterment rather than criticizing others. Such activities will only lead to lack interest in our work.

Exchange and Balance energy

balance energy

Meet your mentors or gurus. Attend gathering, meetups. Get tips on how to improve you r actions. Surround yourself with positive people around this will give you more energy to lead life happily. Balancing energy is equally important to achieve inner strength.

Do things which interest you and makes you happy. I hope this article helps you in understanding your energy importance and how you should take care of it for higher productive life.

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