3 Ways to Find the Answer “What Should I do with my Life”

What Should I do with my life? Have you ever asked this question to yourself or your mentors? Probably YES. We all are gifted with this life to live and achieve something out of it. Some find achievement in becoming rich, some find spiritual way, some live simple life. Few follow their elders, idols etc.

“What Should I do with my Life”

While few are stuck with question what should I do? At every point in point we should have clarity of what and why we are doing particular activity. Where it will take us? What will be the outcome of it? Etc. So I am sharing few ways to find your answers towards life.

1) Talk to People and Gain Inspiration

3 Ways to Find the Answer “What Should I do with my Life”
What to do with your life for growth

By this I mean go to your friends, relative, teachers, mentors, seminars, events etc. Go wherever you get knowledge. So Attending seminars will help you in certain way. If the topic interests you, it may give certain directions towards your query. So Feel free to ask questions to speaker, connect with them, follow them on social media, read books of great people and watch video of your interest.

Simply meeting people and knowing about their journey of life will definitely give you some idea. It’s up to you whether you want to live like them or not. So Don’t just go and ask for job. Listen to what they have to say. Sometimes listening to others will give you complete different perception of life.

2) Get Started with Action

3 Ways to Find the Answer “What Should I do with my Life”
What Should I do with my Life? answer in these blog

Start working on whatever you want. After gaining some clarification of idea, work on it. So Don’t just keep on planning, plan small milestone and achieve it. See if you are liking of that work and go ahead with that.

3) Prepare for Long Term

How to achieve whatever you want in life

Remember success is not a one day hard work result. Prepare for long term. So In your way welcome new challenges, face them with strength and live up to expectation. Be excited for this journey.

There will be many iterations. Don’t give up. All day will not be same. Accept failure and move on. Hustle each and every day. Make it Happen. So You have the power, energy to tackle all problems. Just go for it.

So Hope this tips will help you find your motive in life. So All successful people were not born with answers to their life. They worked hard each day and followed their calling and became who there are.

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