How to stay focused at work?
How to focus on your work ?

5 Essential Tips It gets difficult to keep complete concentration in a distracted environment at times. A person sitting next to you may annoy you for some loud music which is audible even from headphones. Trust me it really annoys. Whatever the situation is it’s important for us to stay focused. Here are some quick tips to help you stay focused.

Identify the Distraction

5 Quick ways to stay focused at work
How not to get Distracted?

This is the first step you have to perform. Identify the distraction. Answer a few question e.g.

  1. What is bothering you?
  2. Is the person sitting next to you creating a disturbance?
  3. Are you struggling with your own thoughts?
  4. Are you feeling sick?

Tip: Once you get the answers try finding solutions to overcome. It’s not always important that you get distracted by the environment sometimes we are the reason (our thoughts, health, etc.) of our distraction.

If your thoughts are the reason then try to divert your mind with some highly engaging activities for a few minutes. You can talk to a friend, family, etc. If your health is not good then it’s better to stay at home and rest. If some person, colleague activity is distracting you then either you change the place for some time till you boost your concentration to focus on what you are doing or politely inform them to cooperate and work.

Do one thing at a time

We often lose focus when we try to do or are supposed to do multiple things at a time. e.g 2-3 people will call you from the various place and ask you to send emails, complete work etc. Your boss may ask you to submit a pending task. Clients call’s up to know about project status. Hang ON!

Essential Start and complete the work which requires immediate action. Control your time and energy to do one thing at a time.

Tip: Ask the person to call in an hour or wait for a day. Tell them you will get back to them as soon as possible.

Reduce Multitasking

Reduce Multitasking, and improve concentration at work.
How to reduce multitasking habits?

As explained above reducing multitasking is essential for you. Until and unless you do not put your 100% focus on any task you are not going to complete it or even you submit the work it will definitely have some issues. (It may be accepted if you get lucky :))

Tip: Perform one task at a time and put your focus at work you do.

Create To-Do List

Best Tips on how to stay focused at work
Quick ways to create your own To-Do List

A very simple way to get rid of distraction is to create a To-Do list. Create a list and work as per your priority. Do not just blindly work. Have certain goals to accomplish and work efficiently.

Tip: Use Apps like EvernoteTo- Do etc. 

Take Breaks

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Take a break

The best solution to all problems is to get a break. Depending on your level of distraction you can take a break. E.g. go out in the garden, have coffee, or head home and come the next day with a great amount of energy. Taking a break helps your mind to de-clutter unwanted thoughts. Relax for a while and get back to work.

Tip: Take short breaks and try to go out in the fresh air.

Let me know how you try to focus at work in the comment section below.

Thank you.


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