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Hitting the beach truly has its own benefits. Heading to the beach not only gives you enjoyment and fun but it also cleanses your mind, body and soul from all negative, stressing vibes you carry. Here are 5 benefits of going to the beach.

Sand at the beach is good for skin

Sand is natural exfoliant. It removes dead skin and open up your pores. It clears acne, black head. Ever noticed why your feet turns bright after visiting beach?  It’s because sand helps in peeling of dead skin. Your feet gets natural massage which leaves your feet with much smoother touch.

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Unkown benefits of visiting beaches

Salt water is good for body

Sea water is beneficial for your body skin. Potassium chloride in seawater helps in healing skin rash and other skin problem. Seawater helps in moisturizing skin. Salt water preserves skin elasticity. Sea water is full of anti-aging minerals. Go to the beach today!

Why to visit beach

Ocean sound soothes your mind

Listening to waves can reduce your stress level. You get into more relaxed state. It may trigger to release dopamine and serotonin.

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Tips why to visit beach

Beach Environment helps you stay fit.

Whether you are walking, running, or swimming. All this activities are burning your calories. So I love collecting shells on the beach. This way the body is unknowingly performing activity which is good for the fitness. Walking on sand burn more calories then walking on straight road as it take more energy to walk on sand.

How Beaches helps you stay fit.


Connect yourself with your inner spirit at beach

Listening to sound of waves, sitting quietly can connect you with own self. It gives you sense of happiness, completeness, you feel gratitude for whatever you have. So Visiting beach is good for your mental health. So what are you waiting for? Plan your beach visit now! 

Unkown facts of visitng beach

Beach is a magical place. Go for short walk, play, and unplug yourself. So Spend a day at beach and experience the change in your mind, body and soul.

Recharge yourself by Beach Visit.



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