Effective Ways to Track Your Progress Toward a Goal
Effective Ways to Track Your Progress Toward a Goal

We all set a goal for us. There are many types of goals. Financial, Travel, Lifestyle, Self-care Career, Family, Relationship, and many more. Goals are generally set to achieve the best of our ability. We label goals in terms of priority/urgency for a lifetime, yearly, monthly, and weekly to reach end goals.

1. Visualize Bigger Picture

Effective ways to track progress towards your Goals
Simple Steps To Track Your Progress Towards Your Goals

Think of the Bigger Picture helps you keep going. Visualize your dream that has come true. How are you celebrating? Who is there with you? How has your life changed?  This visualization will boost your energy to kickstart the process.

Do not work just for the sake of doing it. Understand the motto behind why are you doing it.  Answer a few queries before you starting making a plan of action for your goal:

What will you achieve? How this will add value? What will you gain? Is there anything you will lose if this not work? How are you feeling when you accomplish it?

2. Break Down Your Goals

The breakdown is important for you to accomplish tasks in a certain period. Which is the long run that will add value to Main Goal?

For e.g: The goal is to earn 10 lac/ year

Currently, you are earning 50k/month. When you break down the goal into the monthly target, you must earn a minimum of 84k/month. Out of which 50k you are already earning. Your plan of action will be to earn 34k more from current income to achieve your goal.

This is how you can break down your goals to attain good results. Break your main aim into smaller goals and create a plan of action accordingly.

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3. Plan and Organize Schedule

How to Measure Progress in Your Personal Goals
Effective ways to track your progress

Without a proper goal plan, no goals can be achieved. You will certainly gain something from what you desire. But why settle for less when you have the ability to make it big?

As explained above, a plan of action is very important. So how you do go about creating it? Read this carefully.

Break Your Yearly Goals into Quarterly Goals. Now From Quarterly Goals Make Task List. From This Main Task List, assign yourself monthly tasks, from monthly tasks allocate weekly task and then daily To-Do. If required you can always modify and segregate tasks based on priority, dependencies, etc.

With this practice, you are all set to work on a regular basis without worrying about end results. As you have already planned your journey of achieving it. If you follow it with 100% determination no one can stop you.

4. Measure Your Performance

Measuring performance is as important as a goal-setting plan. This can be done as per your convenience but at regular intervals so that you remain on track.  Your plan of action, To-Do list is already created. Now once you complete each task, tick mark. YAYY!!! You are all set to get on another task.

Measuring performance will allow you to check whether you are ahead or behind the schedule.

5. Keep a Journal

Daily Journal Can help you achieve goals faster

Writing a journal for specific goals will keep everything in one place. You can always open and read it to keep you motivated. These days people also your apps to keep track. Whichever way you are comfortable doing it, just jot it down.

You will be amazed to see this when you hit your main aim. This journal will be the place where you can experience your whole journey process.

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6. Celebrate Small Wins

its most important to measure your goals and see your progress so that you can
Track your progress and Celebrate your win !

Celebrations are important not only when you achieve your main goal. But also on the journey. Set a milestone for yourself. Once you achieve it, through a party. This is not necessarily a big one. You can celebrate your wins by giving a treat to yourself or celebrate with the ones who support you.

Take some time off, enjoy the process, small accomplishment, and celebrate yourself. This keeps you inspired and also builds your self-confidence in achieving what you are aiming for 🙂


I hope this article has helped you in some way to measure your goals and how you can work on achieving it. I would love to know your takeaways in comments below 😛

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