We are about to Resolution Ideas enter Year 2020 in next few days. Its holiday times for all of us. Enjoy Holidays with loved ones, but make sure you are set to welcome New Year with confidence. Here are the list of few things which you can work and make it better in 2020 than in 2019 you must have accomplished certain goals for this year but it’s time to recall and set target which are pending since long.

Happy new year

Let’s buckle up for NEW YEAR 2020, read on to know how?

1. Stay Healthy and Fit

We all know the famous proverb HEALTH IS WEALTH.
Resolution Ideas If your health is good then only you will be able to accomplish other goals in life. Health should be your top priority. We all want to be healthy and fit, but we hardly spare time on the same. From many years you must be thinking to eat healthy food and cut junk food from life, but you can’t just stop. This year make a resolution to eat healthy food. Do exercise, go for yoga, gym, zumba class.

2. Get organized

New year resolution ideas

You must be organized to achieve anything in life. Managing your own life and daily activities is a part of it. One must plan day, prepare things which are required for the next day, keeping home or office space clean and organized will save your time, so that you can focus on important stuffs rather than wasting time on finding or planning.
Learn to manage your To-do list, and achieve daily goals in order to reach set target.

3. Learn a new skill or hobby

Leaders never stop learning, to grow you have to learn constantly. Upgrade each day and develop a habit of learning skills which adds value to your goals or makes you happy. Learn new language, music instruments, dance, cooking, or may be start some side hustle. Never waste your time doing nothing.

4. Save more money / spend less money

This is for the people who spend money blindly. Track your income and expenses on weekly basis. You can set a budget for expenditure and use money wisely. Start investment today and thank yourself in future. Always pay yourself first when your salary is credited.

New year resolution on money

5. Quit bad habits

Smoking and drinking is bad for health, as I have already mentioned above, good health should be your top priority. Quit bad habits which not only involves smoke and drink, it can be wasting time, over sleeping, not working towards goals, spreading negativity around, jealousy, etc.
Know your bad habit and try overcoming it gradually.

new year resolution ideas
New year resolution on habits

6. Spend more time with family and friends

Resolution Ideas Live life with ones who are close to you, if you haven’t visited them since long, go and book your tickets now and surprise them. We all get busy in lives but we should never forget ones who has given us life our parents and supported us till we became independent. Meet your friends, plan a reunion and revisit old memories.

7. Travel & Read more

New year resolutions on travel

If you are a traveler, visit minimum 5 unknown places in 2020. Set travel goals for the year and work hard before going on vacations. List down the books you want to read in 2020 and order them. Traveling and reading will transform you in a very positive way.

I hope you found some good tips from this article. Share this with you loved ones.
Let me know your comments, on how are you welcoming 2020 and what your 2020 goals are.

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