8 Effective Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt
8 Effective Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt

When someone says that they don’t trust their intuition and are filled with self-doubt, your first thought is, “I’ve been there.”

We all face phases in our life when we are shrouded with self-doubt and spend days procrastinating. We are too fixated on petite things in our life and drive ourselves crazy overthinking about it. There is a voice in our head telling us that we are not going enough. It shreds our confidence and fills us with immense self-doubt. Deep down, we all fear failure. Thinking we are not capable or skilled enough to accomplish our dreams, we succumb to this fear. Over analyzing every step you take may be good but can breed hesitation. The reason for failure is self-doubt that casts a shadow on your dreams.

People filled with self-doubt panic and make up several adverse outcomes of a decision in their heads. A small amount of self-doubt maybe even good because it keeps you grounded and prevents overconfidence. But persistent and chronic self-doubt can backfire, preventing you from success and happiness.

Effective ways to boost self confidence
How to overcome self-doubt

Sometimes, people with self-doubt are slaves of their past experiences or even of their upbringing. Some past experiences can terrify and rattle you so much that it creates a permanent fear of failure and gives rise to self-doubt. Other times, they are brought up in a house where the parents are always critical. They always say that you are not good enough or pressure you into getting high grades. This develops internal self-doubt that makes you question your every decision. Even being compared with a sibling or a friend with higher grades makes you think that you don’t have what it takes.

We scramble to find ways to overcome self-doubt. Well, look no further. Here are a few tips to calm that inner voice that keeps you away from the power and happiness of your dreams:

  1. Embrace self-doubt as a part of you

We are all humans and we are all filled with self-doubt, whether or not we care to admit it. But we have to stop thinking of it as a disease to get rid of. Instead, use it as a catalyst towards your destiny. Sometimes, self-doubt prevents you from making a fool of yourself if you decide to make a big change in your life. Befriending this inner critic can spare you any humiliation.

  1. Don’t be afraid to seek help

It’s been said that when we say our thoughts out loud, it actually helps us get rid of them. Talking to somebody, a professional perhaps can help calm those bubbling self-doubts. There is no weakness in admitting that you need help. Keeping the thoughts bottled up can have the brain-twisting these thoughts. They can become so exaggerated that they begin to keep you awake at night. But when these thoughts come out in the light, there can be a change in perspective and allow you to look at the bright side.

Ask for Help whenever you feel so
Ask for Help
  1. Get a dose of optimism

Use some giddy optimism to brighten up your life. Self-doubt can surround you with gloominess and can cause depression. Let someone else’s enthusiasm and motivation cause a change of heart. Instead of worrying yourself, take a break, and read an inspirational book. Even watching a funny video can bring a much-needed smile on your face. A brief period of laughter can make you forget about your problems. A positive shift in focus can provide a new and clear perspective.

  1. Learn to say stop

While having an inner critic is helpful, you must learn where to draw the line. It should drive you to be better but not shake your confidence at the same time. Try to reassure yourself that you can do it. No one can be perfect. Even then, if you are trying to be perfect, you are setting yourself up for failure. Disrupt the pattern by telling yourself not to go down that road of self-doubt.

Stop Negative Thoughts in your life to overcome self doubt and build self confidence
How to Stop Negative Thoughts
  1. Keep a journal

Jotting down your thoughts can provide much-needed clarity. It helps to organize your array of thoughts. Going through your thoughts facilitates you to see them as black and white so you can prepare a plan of action. When we keep our thoughts in our minds, they are kept in a haphazard manner. There is difficulty to understand which thoughts are pointless and which require work.


  1. Stop asking for validation

It is important to stop seeking unnecessary validation from other people. People usually don’t care about others and when they do, they are just envious. Self-doubt is created when there is a fear of being judged. You will realize how better your life is when you don’t give a hoot about people. Asking people’s opinions means doubting your better judgment. You can take advice but, in the end, it should be your decision.

How to build self confidence and believe in your decisions
How to have confidence in your decision
  1. Keep sharpening your skills

There is a way to remove self-doubt – nip it in the bud. Have you ever thought that you have self-doubt because you are not-good-enough? So why not spend your time making yourself good enough? Work on yourself because we are our best investment. Start to work on the path of improvement by sharpening your current skills. After all, practice makes perfect. Let your skills give you an edge in life.

  1. Review, reassess and reward

There is a need for review and reassessment of the journey towards your goal. break down this goal into small, specific milestones. This way, you can ensure to reward yourself after reaching a particular milestone. Rewards can push you and can act as positive reinforcement. They give you the motivation needed to keep pushing. Realignment of direction is necessary so you stay put on the desired path. Certain tweaks in the current modus operandi can ensure the early accomplishment of a goal. Early detection of potential problems to study deviation can help find the control measures.

Review, reassess and reward yourself

Self-doubt pops up in life more often than you realize. This is the time when you turn your back and just power through. Just believe in yourself and you can handle anything.


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