9 Things to Do Before 2020 Starts

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We are just left with 10 Days for year 2019. Let’s live it with joy and happiness.  Here are 9 things you can do to before 2020 starts. As 2019 is coming to an end, do some pending task that you have been planning since long. Here are some quick checklist that will be useful.
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1. Delete content no longer serving you

how to start new year fresh

Let’s start with cleaning mobile storage which is of no longer in use. Be it contact, videos, images which are not useful and doesn’t add value to life. May be there is something which is holding you back, someone who left you long ago and still exist on your contact list. Delete the contact and move on.Make space for new ones to arrive in your life.


2. Forgive yourself and others

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Yes, this is most important thing in life to move on. There may be something which you must be feeling guilty about be it in professional or personal life.
May be your actions have hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly, take some moment out and recall all things you did wrong and just forgive yourself. If you feel comfortable apologizing to the person, go for it. Life is too short to live with regrets. If someone did hurt you, forgive them in prayers. This will relieve you from pain trust me. Start New Year with new you.

3. List down 5 things you are leaving behind

Write down minimum 5 things you want to leave behind before moving forward to new beginning. It may be tittle-tattles habit, procrastination, lethargy, some relationships, and unwanted stuffs or anything, just note it down be start preparing to leave from now on. It’s takes 45 days to build a habit, start today and thank yourself later.

2020 goals
how take new resolutions in new year

4. Recall things you could have done better in 2019

This will help you with strategy building for next year. There is always a chance of betterment this is how we grow. Every year gives us an opportunity to live, learn and grow as a human being. Overcoming limitations step by step will make you a better person. List down things you can improve in life and plan how you can achieve it.

5. Write down 12 things you are grateful for in 2019

Be grateful for everything you have received this year. It can be your good health, good business, job, travel, home, being alive or anything. Just be thankful to whatever you have in life and thank everyone who contributed in making who you are in life. Send them thank you letter, messages, gifts. We have to be grateful for this moment before we enter in next chapter of our life.

6. Write down your accomplishments in 2019 that you are proud of

newyear goals
tips to make new resolution in new year

I am sure you all must have achieved your goals for this year. If not don’t worry, keep going you will soon achieve it. For the ones that you have accomplished, just make a note and read out loud. You can also take print and keep it with. This will keep you motivated in reaching new heights of success. Be proud of yourself and celebrate.

7. Celebrate the person you have become

We all wish to transform into better human being, from physical presence to mental wellbeing, somewhere we know what improvements we should make. Some people go on for achieving it while some still be lazy. For those who are different person altogether, it’s time to celebrate your hard work and perseverance. Party hard my friend.

8. Create a vision board for 2020

vision board
how to plan for new year

First figure out what you want to achieve and how much time it will take for you to achieve. If you are planning to buy a home, take out the best picture and paste it on your vision board, Write down your goals at this board and place it somewhere you will see on regular basis. This will keep your vision on track. Be grateful throughout the year and stay glued towards achieving it.

9. Lastly, Party with friends & family, create memories.

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After all we all have done a lot this year, it’s time to celebrate everything together. Go to a different place or host a party at home. Make sure you celebrate to fullest and enjoy! 

Wish you all the best for New Year!

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