Best way to celebrate Mother's Day During the Lockdown 2020
Idea's for Celebrating Mother's Day

This Mother’s day gift your mom time, attention, respect and your love that’s all she wants. In today’s world we are so busy working and enjoying life that we hardly spend time with family. Children stay away from parents for studies, job, training etc. Life goes on. In this hustle we forget the one who has given us life “our parents”. Life will go on but remember parents will not live forever. They are growing old while you are busy working, and chilling out with friends. It’s important to understand feelings, love and emotions they have towards you. This Mother’s day make sure you take some time out and be with your mom and family. Live good moments to cherish!

I have got some ideas that will make this day more special. So here we go!!

Spend Time with MOM

Mom’s never wishes for surprises and gifts. Spend Quality time with her on this Mother’s Day! As we have a holiday on Sunday, It’s good to visit her and celebrate. Watch her favorite movie, series with her. Try talking about your childhood memories, vacations, and good times you have spent with her.
Relieve the moments and make her day with loads of happiness!

Cook Mom’s favorite Dish

Mom knows your favorite dish, but do you know what she likes to eat? If no then try to find it and surprise her with that. You can prepare the dish at home or if you do not cook then try ordering it.
Have the breakfast/lunch/dinner together and cherish the moments.

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Give your Mom a Break

Give your mom a holiday from kitchen and home cleaning. Instead you with your siblings handle a household chore. Let her enjoy the day by doing what she loves, make her feel that you care. After completing the work at home you can go out with mom and family to gardens, beach, religious place or dine-out.

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Do let me know in comment box below.

Fantastic Ways to Celebrate Mother’s day-enlightenpedia
Happy Mother’s Day 2020

Wishing All Mom’s a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

I am blessed to have you MOM 🙂  


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