We often face such times in our professional lives when we feel boredom, exhaustion or uninspiration. This occurs due to many reasons. You can be the reason for it or your team. What’s important is to come out of this situation and feel energetic and inspired. Read out this piece and try practicing it.

Create Your Own Personal Inspiration Routine

It’s easy to develop a routine. Inspiration comes from various mediums like motivational videos, documentaries, events, gathering etc. Read, listen, and watch whatever inspires you once a week. Develop a habit of it.

As we move towards higher level in career, we are surrounded with certain limits. For E.g. you have become Sr. Developer, Team Lead or Project Manager now your most of the time goes in office. Hardly you spend 2-3 hours at home watching movies, talking to family, friends and remaining hours you rest. Next day the same cycle repeats. It’s important to keep yourself engaged in certain activities like dance class, singing class, paintings, attending seminars, travelling. You will notice the change in your mood.

Find New Circle or Friends

Fedup seeing the same face daily?? 🙂  Same emotions and energy flows around when we remain in the same place. Find new circle to learn, grow as a professional. It’s important to attend business events happening around. It broadens our thinking and we learn something new. Go out for networking events. Nowadays there are many apps available which shows you nearby events. Checkout Meetup  and attend events as per your interests.

Write Down your Choice List


Choice list clears your mind from many thoughts. Suppose you want to change your current job or current profile, require a raise in salary etc. So All this thoughts drain your energy. Write down a list of thoughts and select 2-3 thoughts which are really important and require quick action.

This technique will keep your focus on thoughts you want to act upon and will keep you inspired at  Uninspired work.

Remember “You have control over your Uninspired work environment, no one else holds your feeling.”

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