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We often visit temple, however we hardly know the actual benefits of visiting temple. It’s just our parents ask us to do so we do. It’s important to know that visiting temple has its benefits to our Mind, Soul and Body. People think that only person who believes in God (Theist) visits temple.

Impact on Mind

Once you enter the temple, you will experience peace in mind. Peace brings a sense of calmness. Your mind does not get other thoughts and you just pray. Smell of camphor, incense sticks, the flower you offer has positive impact on mind and we feel delighted. Soothing fragrance of flower keeps our mind calm.


Impact on Soul

Your soul also gets in balanced state. Your behavior gets changed. As you bow down to God your ego disappears. Ringing the bell once you enter the temple keeps negative spirit away. It connects both soul and mind together which leads to harmony. Touching the bell also gives coolness to body as it is made up of metal. It awakens our soul and help to focus on prayer.

Impact on Body

Entering the temple with barefoot connect you with ground energy, your feet absorbs the positive energy. You are filled with positive vibrations. Positivity mingles with your mind, soul and body. You feel relaxed and your mind and body state completely changes. Clapping while performing aarti, presses your finger points which is good for health make sure you clap properly next time you attend aarti.

So In the end I would say visiting temple or any other holy places be it church, mosque or gurudwara will give you peace, prosperity in life. Connect with creator, be thankful for whatever you have and live happy life. It keeps you grounded and all you get is positivity in life. Visiting temple also helps you take your culture forward and you are always connected with your roots, spread the spiritual knowledge you have gained from elders to take it forward to next generations.

After reading this article you will definitely visit temple. Please do share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you.


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