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How Many Thought Do We Have In a Day

How many thought do we have in a day?

What kind of thoughts do you have on daily basis Nowadays ?
How many thoughts you have in a day?

A single thought has enough power to disturb your inner peace and spoil your mood for the rest of your day. Do you even know how many thoughts you have in a day?  The answer to how many thoughts you have in a day may surprise you. Studies conducted by experts show that an average human being has 50000-70000 thoughts in a day. Mind is blown, right? Our mind is phenomenal. The reason we do not know how many thoughts you have in a day is that the mind filters these thoughts so that we only remember the important ones. If this were not true i.e., we knew how many thoughts you have in a day, the mind would explode and you would never be able to focus.

Did you notice what type of thoughts you have?

If you paid attention to these thoughts and think about how many thoughts you have in a day, you would notice that these thoughts are mostly useless and unimportant. This is why the mind filters them. These thoughts are usually repeating words, comments you have and many senseless questions and answers. These are just irrelevant thoughts claiming attention. So, in hindsight, it probably best that you do not know how many thoughts you have in a day. Researchers even say that about 80% of these are negative and about 95% are repetition thoughts. You may notice this traffic of thoughts while you study, read or even while planning. They are mental noise and they can be irritating and overwhelming.

How to control the mind?

Effective ways to control your thoughts on daily basis ?
How to control your thoughts

The mind is amazing with its own rhythm and its own movements. We spent years trying to understand it to understand ourselves. With so many thoughts racing through the mind, we must know which to choose. Knowing how many thoughts you have in a day; you take time to write them down. But if we do that, considering how many thoughts you have in a day, we could all write a book of our thoughts. A book of our worries, stress, comments, regrets, complaints, questions, their answers and whatnot.

Now that we know how many thoughts you have in a day; the next question is how to control them? Because the quality of our minds determines the quality of our life. Therefore, we must have positive thoughts, experience every stage of life, focus on the task at hand, be grateful and just live a full life. Shift you focus from how many thoughts you have in a day to how many of these thoughts are useful.

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Let’s break the pattern:

We will not leave you hanging. When we say that you must change your thinking, we will even show you the path to changing your thinking. Why don’t you do this exercise with me and see the difference:

Step 1: Take out a piece of paper or a notebook. Since we live in a digital world, you can even pull up a writing program on your computer or your mobile phone.

How to Keep a track on your daily thoughts?
Note Down your thoughts on a daily basis!

Step 2: Jot all your negative thoughts. Even after you have written it down, dig deeper and write more. After discovering how many thoughts you have in a day, you can’t think that you have no other thoughts.

  • Fears
  • Regrets
  • Complaints
  • Desires unfulfilled
  • Insecurities
  • Losses
  • Things that cause stress
  • Your pet peeves
  • Your Achilles’ heel

Step 3: Now make an entirely separate list. For each of the negative thoughts, think of a positive thought and write it down. If you are unable to think, remember how many thoughts you have in a day and try to focus on one of those thoughts.

how to effectively think positive in life?
Always think positive in life
  • For your fear, write how to tried to overcome that fear
  • If you wrote your regrets, write how tried to fix that mistake
  • For your complaints, write a compliment
  • If you wrote about your insecurities, write how much you have improved since you started
  • For your stress, write how that stress is useful

This may seem futile and it will be a while until you see the impact on life. But everything takes practice. Since the thought of how many thoughts you have in a day is disturbing and kind of fascinating, even if you can get it down from 80000 to 20000,30000 thoughts, it is a win.

Let us know in the comments if you did this exercise to reduce how many thoughts you have in a day.

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