How to be Productive during this Quarantine Period

Can’t see your friends, can’t go out, can’t go to the gym, can’t have a party, this quarantine period is getting into our heads now. This pandemic had us all isolated from the rest of the world, stuck behind the four walls of our homes.

People are missing their motivation to work, and all they could do is to just binge-watch lying on the couch and draining out the entire stock of munchies. When people observe others working, they get motivated to work, but now people are forced to stay at home. At first, it was alright as people were getting a break from their hectic lifestyle, but now they can feel the need to be productive. The most common problem faced by them is how to stay sane and remain productive. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your time at home.

1) Planning your Day

Planning your Day Productive
how to plan your day during quarantine Period

An obvious one, plan your day. There is ample time available for everyone, so if you want to be productive, start scheduling your activities from today. Do not set your hopes high. It is important to be realistic about the tasks and the time allotted for specific tasks. Failing to adhere to the schedule can lead to demotivate, which you mustn’t need in such stressful times. Prepare your To-Do List and schedule your high priority activities, which cannot be avoided or neglected. Creating your most productive schedule would take some time, but do not panic. Rome was not built in a single day. Analyse your day-to-day activities and prepare a routine that is flexible & comfortable for you to follow. Avoid taking on more than you can handle.

2) Meditation

Meditation Productive
how meditation helps mental peace during quarantine Period

Stress, anxiety & depression, these words are so common to hear nowadays. The sudden surge in the awareness of mental health indicates how important it is to keep how minds healthy & stable. 

Meditation is a simple road to stability and happiness, which ultimately contributes to the productivity of a person. Research shows that an unhappy man is far less productive than a contended man.

Benefits of meditation include:

  • lower blood pressure
  • improved blood circulation
  • reduced stress
  • lengthens attention span
  • help fight addictions
  • less anxiety
  • deeper relaxation
  • more feelings of being healthy.

It also improves a vast range of willpower skills, including focus, attention, self-awareness, and impulse control. Meditation would help you to pause and enjoy a few minutes of diving deep into yourself and feeling alive.

3) Develop New Skills

Develop New Skills
how you can develop skills during quarantine Period

Apart from binge-watching “The Office” on loop, put your internet to some real use. There is enough time along with abundant knowledge on the internet, for people to learn. Just push yourself towards being a little more productive every day. 

Learn something new from the internet, whether it be cooking new dishes, playing guitar, writing, dancing, or whatever it be. There is no one to judge you when you have got enough confidence as well as the interest to learn new things. 

If you want to improve your resume, there are innumerable online courses on subjects like Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Design, and Media. Expanding your knowledge and skill base will provide you with exemplary satisfaction, you have always craved. The Internet can help you to be productive, as well as, it can also kill your time. So, you need to be sure about how to utilize your precious time and achieve productivity.

4) Avoid Social Media Consumption

Avoid Social Media Consumption

Just try to avoid social media for a week, and you will feel much more peaceful and contended. I will tell you why. When you go through the posts of your acquaintances, you start to compare yourself with others. It is humane to make comparisons. The problem is that we only observe some instances from other’s lives and start to draw comparisons. People begin to get insecure about their looks, their body, their financial position, and their line of work. The acceptance, which means accepting yourself as you are, is missing in the current generation. Everybody is running after the materialistic wants.  Just think about the time you have spent on social media, could have been used in carrying out productive activities. 

Fake news, negativity, and a wide range of opinions contributes towards manipulating the minds of people. This is the shocking reality in which we are living. Social media somehow acts as a barrier between you and your productive self.

5) Spend time with your family

Spend time with your family
Spend quality time with family and know more about their life

We get so caught up in our work that we forget to devote a part of our time to our loved ones and family. It is our family that teaches us how to love, how to forgive, how to accept each other and get along. Life is uncertain, so spend time with your family as nobody knows what happens the next moment. Cherish each & every moment you have got with your family. This quarantine period is a great opportunity for us to refurbish our relationships into much stronger ones.

6) “Me” Time

Me time
GIve time to yourself

We all are secluded for the time being, locked up in our homes, and confused about what to do with our lives. Many would have finished entire seasons of “Game of Thrones”, while some would have finished an uncountable number of books. “Me” time is a period when someone relaxes by doing something that they enjoy. Devote a part of your time to yourselves. Apart from doing productive activities, do what you love to do. Doing this would clear your mind and help you with personal development. You can pursue a hobby, work on your health, spend time with someone you love, or watch an episode of your favorite series. Just be with yourselves. There is nothing wrong with taking some time for introspection and look inside yourself and assess your life, relationships, and career.

All of this will be over soon, and once again, you will be in control of your life. But you should not feel any regrets that you squandered some precious weeks of your life. Yes, it is a struggle to stay motivated, especially when you are alone, but being consistent would help you to overcome this dilemma. Utilize this time better and be productive person.



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