How To Develop Positive Attitude In Life
How to Develop Positive Attitude Towards Life ?

Our life is a reflection of the attitude we have. We have a positive attitude; we have a positive life and are an optimistic person. No one wants to be around people who are grim and cynical and always complaining about every single thing. We have enough of our own problems without a random person unloading their problems on us. Your attitude determines how you live your life. A positive attitude can be the source of joy and upliftment you need to achieve your goals and dreams. A positive attitude is very powerful. It can be the make or break factor in your life that determines your life decisions and the actions you take.

Positive attitude in life :

Positive attitude in life is crucial as it determines the light in which you see yourself and your life. Whether or not you see it as the gift that it is. So It also determines how you to take in your life experiences. This positive attitude is actually infectious. You can branch out and spread this positive attitude to people you meet and know. So, by having a positive attitude, you are not only helping yourself but also others. In this dark and depressing world, spreading a positive attitude is better than charity. If we can control the thoughts in our mind, there are very few things that remain beyond your area of control.

All this is in good talk. Now, let’s get to a more ground level. Our work. Our work is a big part of our life and the thing that is the source of most negativity. We face criticism, judgment, competition, underappreciated, underestimation and what not. That being said, I think you know where I am going with this. To have a positive attitude at work, it is paramount that we first have a positive attitude at work. We must learn to turn the other cheek and keep this negativeness from disturbing our peace of mind.

Learn how to not give a hoot. Even when you love your job, you hit a bit of a slump every now and then and are hit with a wave of negative. So, dodge that wave. Get a positive attitude at work. Being positive doesn’t mean not being stressed. Everyone stresses as everyone thrives to be better than others. Better than our co-worker. Better than our past self. Positive attitude just means to handle that stress in a healthy way by seeing that as a way of betterment instead of making

I know. I know. Easier said than done, right? Well, not really. Because we have just what you need. We present few ways to go through life with an enigmatic positive attitude at work and in life:

  1. Start your day on a high

We’ve heard people say that if the morning is bad, don’t have high hopes for the rest of the day. It is actually kind of true. Start your morning strong on a positive attitude and see your rest of the day be better. It sets a tone for the day and what is better than a day spent well? Every Monday we fret about going to work but think about it as a start of a new week filled with opportunities. You don’t know what the week has in store for you, so don’t complain. This defeats the purpose even if you have a positive attitude in life; you don’t have a positive attitude at work.

how to start your day with positive attitude ?
How to Start Your Day?

Dragging ourselves out of the bed and pushing to go to your job is so demeaning. Here is something that is very effective. Go up to the mirror, look yourself in the eye and say, “Today is a new day and it is going to be awesome.” Sounds silly but how can you be derisive if you haven’t even tried it? Setting your morning with positive attitude lights up the rest of the day.

  1. Spend time with optimistic people

As I have already stated, a positive attitude is contagious. You are a person with a positive attitude, you spread this to others. Let’s reverse the roles. Be the person who receives this positive attitude from other people with a positive attitude. They have a perspective towards life that keeps them focused and away from negativity. Adopt this perspective in your life.

How does it feel to be around optimistic people and being optimistic yourself?
How does it feel to be surrounded by optimistic people?

Birds with the same feather flock together. By developing a similar positive attitude, So you can live an optimistic life. Their positivity may rub off on you and change your outlook to every aspect of life. Hang out with people who push each other upwards and not with people who drag you down. These people could be your friends, co-workers or your family. It can even be a support group or an online platform where people share their thoughts and ideas. The other way is to drop the negative and toxic people in your life who make you feel bad about yourself. This is still one step forward towards a life with a positive attitude.

  1. Find solace in humor

Humor can be a great painkiller. It makes you smile which is what we need to do the most. It can be both finding the humor in every situation or even making people laugh by making them see the humor. Laughter is contagious. When we see someone laughing in the bus, metro or even someone walking by, for a brief moment, we forget our current thought. We just start to wonder, “What kind of a weirdo laughs like that?” Sometimes, we even think about the latest thing that made us laugh like that and we feel brings a smile to our face.

Easiest ways to make someone laugh ?
How to make people laugh?

No matter how hard life may seem today, remember that these events will probably just make a funny story you will laugh about later. No life absurdity is big enough for people who can laugh in the face of said adversity. You may even succeed to make someone else smile and this is again a feel-good moment. Life is not easy for anyone but some people just find the way to find the fun in that. A laugh emits oodles of positivity and keeps us in a positive attitude. A positive attitude is the way towards happiness and happiness is the way towards positive attitude.

  1. Have gratitude for life

“He cried for new shoes till he saw a man with no legs.”

Be grateful for everything you are given because this may be privilege for another. Don’t be so focused on what you don’t have that you might lose sight of what you do have. An attitude of gratitude breeds a positive attitude. Our minds are more focused on the bad things because it causes pain. Opposed to that, we forget good things because the joy caused is usually less impact than the pain.

No day is perfect but there is something good and joyful each day. Think about the small things in your life. You got up on time. You have a good hair day. Metro arrives as soon as you reached the platform and there is an empty seat in Infront of you. Jackpot! Someone compliments the way you look. Your boss praised you. You reached home on time. So You fell asleep in a blink. How would you describe this day? Good, right? But the issue is that we oversee these small things. If we learn to actually see them, we may develop a positive attitude.

Ways to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude.
How to develop an attitude of gratitude towards life?

Here is a task for you – prepare a journal, let’s call it a gratitude journal. Jot down everything good in your life, anything that bring you joy and anything you are thankful for. Do this for some time, at least till there are no pages left. Now you have all the positive in your hand. Read it anytime you feel down and notice the change in mindset and how it affects your positive attitude. This also sets us up for our next step…

  1. Limit the complaining

Words are more powerful than you think. They are a tool to expressing your emotions and feelings but we have to weigh these words before we speak them out loud. So It may change someone else’s thoughts about you. A lot of people become less appealing after you learn how they think. The way we talk bout our life is what our life may become. A positive attitude has a direct impact on life. No one likes a whiner. Control your language and hear those sentences before you say them. Complaining takes you farther away from a positive attitude.

how to be a less complaining person

Here are a few things you can do to work on reducing your complaining:

  • Try to remove yourself from the current situation.
  • Get a new and better outlook
  • Brainstorm for the solution or seek advice to solve it
  • Bring acceptance about the current state of being

Complaining can never get you anywhere except away from your positive attitude. Either come up with a solution or learn to accept that this is what it is. Note that the person you are complaining to couldn’t care less about your life. Just because they lend an ear doesn’t actually mean they are listening. So It is even possible that he is just enjoying your misery. Instead have positive talks with yourself to boost your will-power and positive attitude.

  1. Have a little me-time

Everyone deserves to be pampered, even if it is self-pampering. We live hard lives and a little me-time makes it easier to get through life with a positive attitude. We owe it to ourselves to make ourselves happy. No one knows you more than you, so why not take benefit of that. Find time for things you enjoy. Eat your favorite ice-cream. Watch a movie or eat at a restaurant by yourself. Get a massage or a mani-pedi. Spend your weekend rebooting, re-energizing, and recharging. You can even spend time with loved ones and repair any damages to relations.

How to extract some time for yourself on regular basis ?
How to give Time to Yourself?

We all have crazy lives with our jobs, kids, chores. Monotony in life breeds dissatisfaction which kills a positive attitude. Me-time improves productivity and concentration and helps us rewind. Take a break. We all deserve it. Work on yourself because you are your greatest investment. Sweat it out in the gym and practice self-love because if you can’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to?

Keep a positive attitude at work and in life. The more you practice it, the greater its impact. Our attitude towards life governs life’s attitude towards us. Use these very simple, yet useful techniques to live a better life. Pick up the easiest and work your way up and watch your life improve.

Let us know in the comments some of your personal tricks for a positive attitude.


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