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How to Maintain Peace of Mind ?

Every day spent trying to defeat others and winning this competition is a day spent without peace of mind. We give peace of mind much less attention than it deserves. Peace of mind is a state of utter calmness, both emotionally and mentally. This includes being free of stress, anxiety, and fears. The mind is quiet and there is a sense of happiness.

How to attain peace in life Nowadays ?
How to live life Peacefully?

“Just live in the moment” – easier said than done. We try to live in the moment but life is pacing ahead and there are fleeting moments in life. We are barely able to catch up with life, let alone enjoy it with peace of mind. Although, that being said, there are little moments in life when we experience peace of mind:

  • When we are watching our favorite show
  • Being in the company of someone special
  • Reading a book
  • In a deep and peaceful sleep
  • When we are on vacation

They cause a shift of focus and for a brief moment, we leave our troubles behind. These moments are not uncommon and we forget to appreciate them and before you know it, you lose your peace of mind. We are out there looking for big gestures of happiness when we can find them in little things.

That being said, we are not letting you leave empty-handed. We have prepared a very interesting list of things that can return that peace of mind. So, get scrolling:

  1. Try meditation

Meditation is more than just breathing in and breathing out. It has a deeper purpose and may be the solution to all your problems. It is a massive tool in keeping peace of mind. Just a few minutes of dedication can change your life. But I’m not going to lie, it will not be easy. It takes years of practice to finally achieve that peace of mind. This is because when you are asked to focus on your thoughts, you start to realize how tumultuous they are. They are so haphazard and random and it takes effort to finally control them. Not to forget the many distractions – itchy nose, itchy eye, numbing feet, aching back to name a few. You may even doze off a few times. You start slow and take small baby steps. No one becomes an expert on day one. Just concentrate on the end goal – peace of mind.

Usage of Meditation in Daily life ?
How Meditation is useful in attaining Peace of Mind?


  1. Deep breathing can’t hurt

Sometimes, 3 deep breaths can be the path to peace of mind. It calms you down and helps you think wisely and better. Try to focus on the flow of air. We inhale and air goes inside our nose. It enters our lungs and then we breathe out air. If you try, maybe you can even feel this air. The diaphragm pivots a little and moves up and down. Boom! Focus shifted. Even though for a few seconds, you go into a trance state where these problems may not seem as big. You may even obtain a different perspective. You may get the solution or the answer you were racking your brain for. When we have our problems solves, we have peace of mind.

  1. Take a stroll of the park

Let’ step outside for a little peace of mind. Our society is embellished with beautiful parks. They have lush green silhouettes which are a sight to behold. The exuberant green grasses and flora are a panorama and can act as an addictive tranquilizer. Watch out for the deep scattered shadows of leaves of trees decorating the path. Oodles of greenery combined with the rainbow of flowers – red, pink, white, yellow. There are branches fallen to the ground and the sound of dry leaves crunching under your feet. A faint distant sound of chirping birds is the cherry on the already great cake. Tell me you aren’t relaxed just reading this. Imagine the extent of peace of mind when you actually visit a park. Take a deep breath or two and feel the warmth of the sun on the skin.

Visiting Park on Daily Basis helps you attain Peace in your life
How going to the park can improve your Peace of Mind?
  1. Bring acceptance in life

Everything seems easier when you accept that there is nothing you can do to change it. Instead of wallowing in your misery, try to forgive and forget and you will be liberated. We are faced with a myriad of inconveniences and situations that are beyond our control. We must learn to live with it and move on. This promotes peace of mind. We must learn to tolerate uncertainties and this is a huge leap in the peace of mind stake. Try to change the things you can, accept the things you can’t, and learn to know the difference. Just try to make the best of situations. Practice compassion and you will see a load off your shoulders. Be flexible and modify yourself and your plans according to the changes in life.

  1. Disconnect for some time

When we try to catch up with everything, we end up not keeping up with anything. So, the best way is to distance yourself. Escape the reality, because let’s face it, it isn’t that great. It is a good way to bring peace of mind. Make time for some self-nurturing and some self-care.  A certain amount of emotional and mental detachment is very helpful. Make a pact with yourself not to check your phone for a couple of hours. All hell won’t break loose if you missed a few calls or did not check your messages. Be a little selfish and enjoy some me-time and get yourself some peace of mind.

Importance of Self Nurturing ?
How to self Nurture Yourself on a Regular Basis
  1. Unclutter your clutter

We live messed up lives. Not only our minds our messed up but also our home and workplace. We have to start somewhere so why not start at your workplace. An unorganized, chaotic, and disorderly space can cause your mind to be the same. You want peace of mind, try it with an organized, dapper and immaculate space. You also find your things easily and it promotes peace of mind. Don’t stop there. There are a lot of steps. The next step is organizing your sloppy room and fulfilling your mother’s deepest desire. Uncluttered surroundings stimulate relaxation which in turn causes peace of mind.

  1. Let go of your past

We have only our presence in our hands. The past is a gone deal. Don’t dwell on the past. When we get hung up on things, it robs us of our peace of mind. Let bygones be gone. Maybe try throwing out some of the things that remind you of a terrible memory. Find a better place for those things. You will see that heavier that box of old stuff gets, the lighter you feel. This practice is useful because when we cling to the past, we don’t leave space for new experiences. When you open up your heart for a new and exciting future, you are provided with a peace of mind that fills up your heart. There is never a need to dig up the past because there is literally nothing you can do about it. You would just be disrupting your peace of mind.

how to let go past
  1. Slow it down

Why are you trying to do 32 hours’ worth of work in just 24 hours? What is this hurry that we feel every day? We forget that slow and steady wins the race. We are so busy being the rabbit that we forget that it is actually the turtle that wins the race. So, just slows down. When we work slow, we have peace of mind as opposed to when we work fast. Control your impatience and just live in the moment. Slowing down the pace can destress your mind and thus facilitate peace of mind.

9.Peace of mind

Peace of mind is crucial in life. Without it, we face sleepless nights, unhealthy relations with people, and numerous diseases. The inner peace of mind is the path towards external peace. By creating peace of mind, we can bring this peace in the external world and bring this peace of mind to other people’s life. The biggest leap of faith towards this is being true to yourself, accepting life as it is, and keeping an eye on those thoughts. Turn the other cheek to negative thoughts and focus on the good things in your life.

How to find Peace of Mind in your Tough Times ?
How to attain Peace in life?

Try jotting down the things that you are thankful for in a journal. Whenever you feel distressed and think life is nothing but ungrateful, give a read to these things. Believe you me, you will instantly feel better and stop resenting everything. Because life is all about these beautiful positive things and making the most of them. Accepting that maybe what you are given is enough. Every day is a new beginning. Stop thinking about what could have been and thinking about what can be.

If the weight of your dreams, expectations, and responsibilities are dragging you down, give it a rest and try the above-stated techniques and let us know how they helped you in the comments.

So, what are you waiting for?


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