How to make your weekend more productive ?
How to have Productive Weekend ?

Productive Weekend Is all about relaxing and enjoying. We mostly spend weekend in sleeping for long hours, watching movies, going pubs or on short trips. It’s good that you relax on weekends but if you want to make your weekend productive then this article is for you. I will share few tips on how you can do the most and still get time to relax.

Set Time for Work

Steps to Setting Achieving Goals at Work
How to set time for your work

Its a good idea to set time for work on weekends if you are workaholic. Do not just work for long hours as you already do that on weekdays. Set morning hours for work and enjoy the rest day with family. Remember being busy does not mean that you are productive. Work on a task that gives you a positive outcome. You can even work on the side-project you wanted to. If you are doing freelancing make use of time on weekends and complete the work.

Clean and De-clutter

Importance of Workplace hygiene and Personal Hygiene at Work
Maintain Personal Hygiene

As we get 1-2 days holiday in a week and the rest of the time we stay out. The weekend is the only time when you get time to clean home and other stuff. Remove the unwanted things that are not required and clean your space. This is how you can utilize your time well. Wash cloths, curtains, etc and let the fresh vibes enter your home.


How Relaxation helps boost your productivity
Importance of Relaxation

The last thing that you can do is relax. We get holidays to chill and enjoy life. Once you are done with working and cleaning it’s time for you to relax. You can get a body spa. Massage your hairs clean your body and meditate. Have a coffee or tea in your balcony enjoying nature and spend time with friends and family.

So It’s always good to make positive use of time. Depending on your priority you should try to make your weekends productive.

What other ways to stay productive on weekends? Share it in the comment section.



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