How to improve Multitasking Skills We often have to perform multiple tasks at work and home. Multitasking comes when we deal with lot of people. Multitasking comes with combination for e.g. you are cooking at home and you need to send urgent email. At work you are trying to complete assignment and suddenly you have to answer or help fellow colleague. Handling multiple business and positions also leads to multiple works.

Read out below simple steps on how you can improve multitasking skills.

1. Plan Ahead before you work

Planning ahead your day is the best way to kick start. Even if you want to perform multiple task you can do it easily with proper planning.

2. Gather similar task and work

Gathering similar task and working will help you focus and reduce your working time as you will complete similar work at once.

How to be multitasking 

3. Put Priorities and work

Working as per your priority will complete your goals first. We set priority as there are certain things which needs complete attention and require lot of effort. Its better you set your priorities and work.

4. Avoid Distraction

Distraction should be always avoided especially when you are busy doing lot of things. Distraction will worsen your work and you won’t be able to achieve anything. So avoid distraction by sitting alone and far away from noise.

Thing to do for becoming multitasking 

5. Delegate task to someone

Delegating task is important at times, it doesn’t mean that you are incapable. Sharing your workload with fellow colleague will get the work done on time as you are already loaded with other stuffs.

6. Take Break in between

Your mind has certain limits to gather information and work. If you stress too much then you may probably lose focus. Take break between work, go out for a walk, or have a chat with people for some time and get back to work with fresh mind.
Better to take a break and work instead of stressing too much with zero output.

Importance of break during work 

Do let me know what steps you follow when you do multitasking.




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