It’s been a while I was away from writing articles due to work commitments. I was figuring out the ways on how one should stay committed to the blog. I am sure you all must have faced these issues. Blogging is a hobby for some and a source of income for others. No matter what’s your motto behind it, here are some tips to help you stay motivated during Blogging Journey.

Join a Blogging Group

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Check out groups on social media like Facebook, to find out the blogging community of your interest. Send them a request and start being a part of daily promotions, blog sharing, commenting others bloggers articles and a lot more. Get help from the community. It’s a great way to keep going as the community holds importance in your blogging journey. They make you do the thing, if you feel lazy, they boost you.


Get a blogging friend

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Read some blog of your interest, comment on them. Make new friends while blogging. Your fellow bloggers will be always there to support you.  The same way you can also support new bloggers and motivate them to keep going!

Comment and Respond To comments

Best things to do to make blog uprating

How do you feel when you get an overwhelming response to your articles? You like it right? Same way other bloggers too like If you take 1-2 minute to share your views in the article.  Also when you receive a comment on your blog, start a conversation or atleast respond to if someone needs advice rather than just saying thanks. In comments sometimes you can find the inspiration for your next article. So keep commenting!

Write Down New Blogging Subject

How to write blogging topics and subjects

You may never know when an idea may strike. Just keep a diary or an app with you where you can jot down ideas for new blogs.  Make a list of them, so next time when you sit for writing you have a lot of options.

I hope the above tips will help you stay on track during your blogging journey. Do let me know what else do you do to stay motivated and writing.


Happy Blogging!

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