Complaining is a human tendency. We often complain about things, people which act differently. We dislike their actions and start complaining about them to others. Its okay to vent out at times while keeping a positive attitude and releasing out your emotions. Here are 5 Tips to improve your complaining habit.

1. Become Less Judgmental

You may never know what the other person is going through in life. People have their own priorities. Your work, achievements, actions, your calls, etc. are not always their priority. So before you complain next time think about it once again as you get time to stop judging them and be less judgmental of others.

How to be less complaining 

2. Vent out once in a while

Instead of complaining on daily basis for the same problems. Try it only once a week. This will help you in cutting down your complains, filtering out and you will only rant about important things.

3. Try to think from others perspective

Sometimes the situation is not what you imagine so be kind enough to understand and think from other people perspective. When you are too frustrated with something, think about in this way e.g.” I know that I am being paid less than my friends, colleague but I am glad that I actually have a job that pays me”
Trust me thinking this way will change your mood and you will start feeling grateful for things you have in life.

Improve Complaining Habit

4. Try to lessen Talk with Complainers

Elders say that your company tell about your character and personality and I agree with that. You become a person with whom you stay. If your friend or colleague complains every single time, unknowingly you will too behave in a similar manner someday. Its better you try to stay away or lessen your interaction with him/her.

5. Work on Improving situation on your own

In the end I would like to tell you that “you are your creator”. Work on improving the situation if you can e.g. try talking to a person directly instead of complaining about them, leave the person If you want to, leave that complaining job or find a solution if you want to stay. You can either improve the situation or leave, the choice is yours but make sure you think well before taking any steps.

How to improve Complaining Habit

Stop Complaining and Start LIVING!



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