Motivation, we all have read many quotes, blogs on a daily basis in some point of our life when we feel low. The word motivation is so powerful that once you truly understand and feel it, no one can stop you from succeeding in life.  In this article we will be going through a few processes that will help you find motivation within, you can start practicing from today it’s that easy. So Only thing you need right now is a focus to read and understand the motivational process better.

First of all let us understand What Motivation is….

As per Google when you search motivation, result displays “Motivation is the word derived from the word ‘motive’ which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individuals. So It is the process of stimulating people to actions to accomplish the goals.

Now that you have again understood the meaning of motivation, lets dive deep into this topic which talks about how one can find motivation within 

1.  Understand your Mindset for Self Motivation

Understand your Mindset motivation

Understanding your thoughts is very important. Unless you know your motive how will you take action?? Once you motive is clear, you will feel the desire to achieve it which is called motivation call from within. Let me make your process simpler. What you can do is every morning or evening get some time off for yourself. Think about what is that one thing you want to achieve in life? Start finding your motive. There must be something that you really like doing and want to pursue as a full time career or a part time work, find that and you are boosted with motivation to achieve it.

2.  Focus on Why, Instead of How to gain Motivation

motivation Focus on Why, Instead of How?

We all tend to get frighten with question bombarding us like Why? What? How? When etc. So Try to focus one at time. To start your journey towards building an empire, you should focus on building walls strategically instead of thinking what will happen if I do not complete, or when this will happen. Just ask yourself why you are building an empire?? Once you find the answer start working on it with no further delay. Reframe your question from how it will be done to why it should be done? Once you are you understand this you are already half way there.

3.  Start Small

Start Small motivation

Do you remember this saying “Every expert was a beginner someday”

All industry leaders, legends and our mentor, started small one day. With continuous dedication and discipline they have achieved a lot in life which is motivation for all of us. No one is expert in any field when they start, all they know is they want to pursue particular path which leads to success. They are clear with motive and with lot of trial and error, finally they hold a respect and valuable position in their respective domain. It is their own self-motivation which contributed a significant role in success. If you are clear with your motive, act now…

4.  Utilize Time Wisely

We all are gifted with 24 hour time in a day. It is up to you on how well you utilize time.  Learn to respect time and plan out your work well in advance. Time plays an important role towards achieving your goals. Motivate yourself every single day to complete all task as per your action plan. Keep a time for motivational activities in routine, this will help you keep a check on your schedule so that you can make changes in calendar and be prepared for anything that comes up your way. 

5. Be Responsible for your action

Being accountable for anything you do is a sign of responsible human being. Whatever you do will either take you step ahead or step back. So Your actions will speak about your success. Just being motivated won’t help you if your action are not inclined towards your goals. Every week, take some time to recall what went as per plan and what went wrong. Try to find solution and fix it at the earliest so that you can again be on track.

6. Celebrate Small Wins

We call is reward or achievement motivation. This works really well in schools, sports, corporate and other competitions. When you work hard and perform the best from rest you get awarded. This gives you happiness and more motivation to perform best next time.  Celebrating wins gives you confidence and build self-trust which is required to achieve your bigger goals. So start celebrating small wins and keep the motivation level high!!

7. Ask for support that gives you Motivation

The journey towards achieving goals is not easy. As you are completely new or a first timer, there will be times when you feel low, less confident, faith and self-doubt. During this time all you need is a good mentor, parents friend or someone whom you can trust and share the feelings. They are the person who will motivate you in all possible ways and guide you through the journey.  

Motivation is the only constant which will sail you through lower time and bring the best in you!

Tips on how you can increase your Motivation Level in Daily Routine

Listen to Motivational Podcast/Read Motivational Blogs

Nowadays it’s quite easy to listen podcast, audio books on motivation. People prefer to listen while commuting to work and free time. There are many self-development blogs, motivational content available for free of cost. You can set a time in a week where you spend x no. of hour in this activity.

Successful people keep a time where they listen/read motivational content. Get started with few of them today and build a habit.

  1. Join a motivational community 

2. Motivate yourself with positive affirmation 

3. Set Goals and Achieve Them

Join a Motivational community

It’s always good to be surrounded with like minded people.  When the end goal is clear, people build a community where in they share, tips, learning, wins. Community motivates you in all way possible. They conduct various events where is they call successful people to give some motivational speech which boosts your confidence. Try to be engaged in such activities online/offline. So Attend webinars/seminars as per your convenience and share your learnings.

Motivate yourself with Positive Affirmation

Positive Affirmation plays important role in changing our lives. Affirmations like” I am energized and ready to slay the day” create a positive vibe around which help you focus and achieve everything you planned for the day. It make you feel motivated and also acts a a motivation for others around. Spread positive energy around and see the magic happen.

Set Goals and Achieve Them with Motivation Power

As already shared above, goal setting is important. Without goal you will be completely in a lost land where you are not aware of what’s happening. So start setting your practical goals and accomplish them.

Once you have achieved enough in life, encourage others & motivate them with your success stories. Remember motivation is needed to bring out the best in us. So It is the key to success in life.

So If you liked this article share it with friend. This motivational piece is all they require during difficult times. So Let me know how you keep on motivating yourself and others in comments below. I would love to hear from you Guys!

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