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It’s my blog anniversary! It’s one year already. A year ago today, Enlightenpedia was born. After so much of hard work and persistence, it came into existence. I wanted to start my blog when I was in college. I write journals when I was in 6th grade. I used to write all my daily activity, my dreams and responsibilities, never thought that I will become a blogger one day as I was too small and I was hardly aware of the internet.

I started using the internet when I got a smartphone during my 2nd year of engineering. My dad gifted me a phone and my brother gave me his laptop for coding. I used to read various articles on the internet regarding self-help, homemade beauty hacks, cooking recipe, gardening tips etc. Reading such an article, I got to know the Term Blog. I started writing a blog in 3rd Year on (for free). I used to write about nature, motivation.
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Later on, due to final year project and submission, I had to hold my blogging for some time. Once I completed my graduation and joined IT company, Blog Anniversary I got an amazing opportunity to design websites. At that time I started working on my own blog enligtenpedia after office hours. I tried creating a template with HTML, CSS and created a whole layout. Meanwhile, I was looking out for some part-time opportunity in blogging.

I got selected to write for Buddy mantra. As an author I used to write blogs for startups, motivation. It was a learning time where I got to know about SEO, Keywords, and internal, external links. and Founder of Buddy mantra helped me a lot throughout my blogging tenure as well as setting up enlightenpedia. A big Thank you from Enlightenepdia to everyone involved in the journey.

In a complete one year, I got an overwhelming response from my readers, I hope to write and add values in your life through my short articles. Various bloggers supported me, be it in Instagram, Facebook, and website. My friends for encouraging me, my family for supporting me. Thank you, everyone, once again.

Tips for New Bloggers:

  • Take time out to write an article and follow your passion for writing.
  • Find fellow blogger and ask for help if needed.
  • Join a various group of blogger.
  • Take a short term course on blogging
  • Attend blogging events and conferences.

New bloggers Tip: Stay motivated and go on. You will soon celebrate one year anniversary.
Wish you all the very best!

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