The Power of Words of Encouragement
The Power of Words of Encouragement

We all have been downers in our life. Shrouded with self-doubt, we spend our days wallowing in misery and self-pity. When everything seems to be crumbling and crashing around you, a few words of encouragement can change your life. One hug, one smile and few words of encouragement can be all you needed to get through this phase in life. That being said, not everyone has the ability to encourage people. Our selfish human nature prevents us from helping others and instead makes us put others down. Giving some words of encouragement is an art, an act of selflessness. Even if you are going through a turmoil in your life, giving someone else a meaning in life using words of encouragement is heroic.

What are words of encouragement?

Words of Encouragement

The words of encouragement give the person hope, confidence, and a feeling of supportiveness. It is all about building each other up, giving strength to weak and consoling to one who is troubled. The words of encouragement help in the rejuvenation of both the giver and the receiver of these words.

With life being such a rat race as it is, it is not uncommon to feel a little down and discouraged. We have thoughts about giving up because we have no one to give us words of encouragement. Simple words of encouragement like ‘Do not give up hope’, ‘You can do it’, and ‘I believe in you’ can be life-altering. They could be just what you needed to get to the finish line. Never ever underestimate the power of positive words and words of encouragement. Even studies have shown that people who are more encouraged and appreciated have higher levels of loyalty and ethics than those who are just faced with criticism.

Forms of encouragement:

  • Telling someone about their learning trajectory. Also, about how they are on their way to achieving great things in life.
  • Reiterating the fact that you believe in them and in their decisions
  • Giving them the benefit of the doubt. Also, by practicing empathy and trying to feel what they feel
  • Teaching them new skills and techniques to help them chase their dreams
  • Communicating words of encouragement through your body and gestures as well as your words. Let them know you support them 100 percent.

Simple methods to encourage someone:

Best ways to encourage someone
  1. Speaking

Words have great power. They can both heal and wound another person. The words of encouragement can be used to lift another person by appreciating them. It can be a compliment about their work or maybe how they look. But choose these words wisely so that they do not backfire.

  1. Writing

These words of encouragement can also be in written form. A letter, a speech or a postcard can mean the world to a person. Even a poem posted on social media can do wonders for a discouraged person. Frame your sentences wisely so they act as words of encouragement. Transform your words into a ray of hope for someone.

  1. Helping

The words of encouragement can be translated through your actions. You can help a person in their daily chores or fix something for them. These ordinary skills can act as a source of encouragement. Not to mention that added benefit of you feeling good about yourself.

  1. Giving

Helping someone out by giving them food, money or clothing can help to improve their situation. These small acts of generosity and kindness can act as words of encouragement. They will not hurt you but can go a long way for someone else.

  1. Touching

Human touch is the first form of communication. Safety, warmth, and security all at the gentle caress of a finger. This touch from a person you love is almost as important as the air we breathe. A hand on the shoulder, a caress on the cheek, or squeeze on the shoulder can communicate that you care. They work as much a treat as words of encouragement do.

  1. Praying

When you pray for someone, nothing else screams words of encouragement. Healing power of prayer is enormous. When you pray from the heart, it is almost definite that it will do its magic. We all pray for ourselves but have you tried praying for someone else?

  1. Hospitality

You may pretend that you do not need anyone’s help but you are wrong. Everyone needs help and someone to take care of you. This care and concern can work as words of encouragement. Showing concern for someone can make them feel they are not alone. They have someone to look out for themselves.

Benefits of words of encouragement:

Benefits of words of Encouragement
  1. It provides us the energy to accomplish our goals

The words of encouragement can act as energy pills giving you the energy needed to face the challenges thrown at you by life. This can help achieve your goals and missions. The words of encouragement are the light at the end of the tunnel giving you hope. It is a great feeling knowing there is someone out there you believes in you. Life can drain you of your emotionally and physically. But the right words of encouragement can revitalize, recharge and rejuvenate.

2. It gives us hope

Needless to say, words of encouragement are a huge source of hope. When we are at a low point in life, we fear judgement from others. But if there is someone out there with great words of encouragement, they can be a harbinger of hope. The words of encouragement are the light in the dark.

3. A change in the perspective

When you feel like you are losing a living life, it is time for a perspective change. It can happen today, it can happen tomorrow, it can happen in a week. It is really your decision when to change it. We are usually unable to see the big picture because we are too fixated on the petty things. The words of encouragement can calm us down and start to reanalyse your thoughts. It helps us to see the situation in a different light.

4. It restores self-confidence

Words of encouragement are not just a confidence booster but also a restorer of confidence. Support from someone can increase your self-confidence. If people believe in you, it is almost mandatory for you to believe in yourself.

5. It provides guidance

Encouragement can put you on the right path. If you have diverged from your destiny, they can put you back on the road. We can get lost in this journey and words of encouragement provide guidance. Seek advice on the best step forward and act according to your better judgment.

Ways to encourage others:

How to Encourage Others and Inspire Your Followers
How to Encourage Others and Inspire
  1. Show them you care

When you invest time to learn and know someone, it shows them you care. This encourages them. Know about their interests, hobbies, fears, family and dreams. Best way to encourage someone is to care about things that they care about.

  1. Tell them

You can either verbally or in writing encourage people. Simple words have immense power to make them succeed in life. You believe in their abilities and you think they can do it. Even in writing, you can encourage anyone. A note, perhaps, used can be kept by that person forever.

  1. Share with others

You want to encourage someone, talk about their abilities in public. Toss around compliments about them when you are talking about them in a group.

  1. Trust them more

When you trust someone, it creates a feeling of pride. Knowing that your abilities are good enough raises your confidence up a few notches. You can even encourage by entrusting someone with responsibility and believing that they can do it.

  1. Help them

Helping is a great path to encourage someone. Get involved in their career development and personality development. Show them you care.

Make a commitment to try out at least one of the above five ways. They are effective everywhere; in a workplace, home, in your peer group, and whatnot. Do a good deed and encourage someone to reach their full potential. They can achieve more than they thought they could.

So, what are you going to do to encourage others? Are there any more ways to offer encouragement to others? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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