How to master self discipline
Small Things You Can Do When You Lack Discipline
“We all have struggles but the greatest struggle we have is with ourselves.”

Everyone needs to have discipline in life. Even nature works with proper discipline in all its aspects. You may think that you have lack of discipline because you were not born with it. But discipline is actually a learnable skill. The lack of discipline is a barrier in life. Even studies have shown that lack of discipline is the reason for people making unhealthy lifestyle choices.

People think lack of discipline is due to lack of time. But having more leisure time will not contribute to reduced lack of discipline. This lack of discipline may even be a big speed breaker in your road to achieving your goals. Putting in time and effort is important but they need to be backed with discipline in life. When we are not able to accomplish our goals, we resent ourselves and beat ourselves up about it. This is the result of lack of discipline.

What is self-discipline?

Before studying about the lack of discipline, lets first understand what is discipline?

In layman’s terms, self-discipline is the ability to control your actions. It is about will power, determination and self-control. It is needed for taking charge of your life and doing what is to be done to excel in life.

Importance of discipline in life :

How to Master self discipline
Importance of Self Discipline

The lack of discipline makes you feel like a failure in life. It is seen that people with higher levels of discipline have more confidence, self esteem, better relationships and well balanced emotional state. So many successful people have talked about discipline as being part of their lives and how lack of discipline can be devastating.

Reasons for lack of discipline:

  • You are not born with self-discipline. It is something you have to practice for. So try everyday to control your actions and subdue your temptations.
  • Laziness is the main cause of lack of discipline. We humans have laziness as our biggest flaw. We prefer our comfort zones and the unwillingness to come out of them causes lack of discipline. While laziness is effortless and pleasant, discipline requires hard work.
  • Fear of failure also causes lack of discipline. It prevents us from taking the leap and try something that’s different than usual.
  • Procrastination can kill your mindset of discipline.
  • Temptation weakens self-discipline. So, if we can fight our temptations, we have already won. It takes guts and a ton of self-control to control your desires.
  • Lack of self-esteem and confidence and an absence of life goals can lead to a lack of discipline.

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Strategies for discipline:

Things to do to Master Self Discipline ?
How to Master Self Discipline

Having talked about the importance of discipline in your life, let’s now talk about the strategies to be used to get rid of the lack of discipline:

  1. Acknowledge your weakness

No one is perfect. We all are deeply flawed but the hard part is to accept and embrace those weaknesses. Running away from them is never a solution. People pretend that they don’t have weaknesses or that they don’t negatively impact their lives. But this is not a solution.

  1. Make a clear plan

    how can planning help you with daily work
    Make a clear plan

No one is blessed with inborn self-discipline. We have to try and try every day till the day we finally overcome a lack of discipline. A plan has to established to achieve your goals in life with proper discipline.

  1. Fight your temptations

Just saying that I will fight my temptations is not going to defeat them. You have to put your head down and actually fight off these urges. They are almost always harmful. Maybe for our health, maybe for your goal, maybe for your career. Resisting these temptations is the only way to fight a lack of discipline.

  1. Tolerate emotional discomfort

It is normal to avoid pain and discomfort but sometimes enduring these discomforts become necessary. Some things in life require you to put in your effort and be uncomfortable. If you think that eliminating all discomfort can still give you success, my dear friend, you are wrong. Push yourself to your limits to discover your true potential and what you are capable of.

  1. Envision long term rewards

How to achieve your goals with self discipline ?
Plan for your Goals

It may seem very hard and futile right now but I promise its all going to be worth it. When you will stand back and take a look at the big picture you made, you will be staring into the face of success. Something which gives you temporary, short term gain should not be put above a more permanent and long term gain. Keep your eyes fixed on that long term gain.

  1. Recover from your mistakes

To err is human. We make mistakes but the important thing is to learn from them. This is to ensure not to repeat them. Making mistakes is part of the process. Acknowledge them and keep moving forward with a bit more of this life experience.

Self-discipline is a habit, a practice, a skill, a way of life. Discipline is what materializes the dreams you chase. You need to acknowledge the need for and importance of having discipline in life. Follow these steps and try to incorporate this self-discipline in your life. The world needs people like you. People who have the guts to acknowledge their flaws and working for them. You just need a few steps to improve the skill of discipline.

So, what are you going to do?

Let us know in the comments.

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