This Year Will Be The Year of Power of Gratitude
This Year Will Be The Year of Power of Gratitude

“The kid kept asking for new shoes until he saw the man with no legs.” Always be grateful for the life you have because it may be a faraway dream for someone else. Some of us know how to appreciate the wondrous experiences of life while others need to learn how to express appreciation. This appreciation is nothing but gratitude. The power of gratitude must not be underestimated.

The power of gratitude is perhaps the most important thing to find happiness in the modern world. When we express the power of gratitude in life, we learn about ourselves, what matters to us, and what makes our day worth it. The power of gratitude involves being more attentive towards life and spewing with positive thoughts. Even researchers say that power of gratitude is the path to finding happiness and contentment in life. But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is the power of gratitude?

The power of gratitude can be defined in many ways. The most widely used is the one where we are thankful or appreciative. It is a state of being grateful and returning the kindness received. Another definition is being aware of the good things in your life and never taking anything for granted. The expression of the power of gratitude is several. “Thank you” and “I am grateful” are the most common ways of showing gratitude. But the expression of the power of gratitude is not limited to this. Even our body language and our gestures can also be used while some might say that a similar act of kindness can show the power of gratitude. Giving gifts and cash can also be possible expressions.


Saying “thank you” as a sign of gratitude and as an obligation is different. The power of gratitude must be heartfelt and not expressed just to be polite.

Psychological benefits of the power of gratitude:

  1. Freedom from toxic emotions

Becoming negative is substantially easier than cultivating positive thoughts. But it is harder to be negative when you are grateful and aware of the things we have. The best way to remove negativity is to start counting your blessing and expressing the power of gratitude.

  1. Improved relationships

We are taught the power of gratitude in our childhood. But it is only later in life that we realize its power. When we are grateful, we are also grateful for the people we have in our life. in this process, we may even let them know how luck we are to have them in our lives. Even if we decide against telling them, we put in efforts to make sure that that they know how appreciative we are of them. After all, all relationship requires efforts and a little bit of love.

  1. Better self-esteem

Additional benefits of the power of gratitude are a rise in the level of self-confidence. When we are thankful for the things we have, we lose the sense of insecurity that comes from feeling less than. We know what is best in us and that reflects in our confidence.


Why is it difficult to realize the power of gratitude?

  1. It’s difficult to acknowledge our blessing

It is human nature to want what we don’t or can’t have. Overlooking what we do have, we get drawn towards what we don’t have. We also have immensely busy routines and we forget to acknowledge the beauty in life. if we live in the present, we can realize how utterly privileged we are. We have clothes on our back, food in our stomach and a roof over our head. It’s all about appreciating the little things

  1. Gratitude reminds us of our regrets and deficiencies

It seems that getting a thing we desired for a very long time may make us feel grateful towards it. But this is not true. After getting what we wanted, we don’t stop there. Now, we want something else. We forget to be grateful for what you do have. It’s life. we may even feel unworthy of the things we are getting and it reminds us of our regrets and insecurities. We may resist these things in fear of feeling vulnerable.


Exercise for feeling :

  • Maintain a gratitude journal and everyday jot down 2-3 things from the day gone by.
  • Make a routine of 3-5 minutes of gratitude meditation
  • Say thank you more often; especially to people who give you services
  • Try to control your complaints and judgment
  • Start the day with the thought of something you are grateful for
  • Write down something you appreciate about yourself
  • Show your appreciation for someone in your life

It would be difficult at the beginning; but what isn’t. Much of our time in life is spent complaining and fretting what we don’t have. Try to switch this approach to life. You may not have everything that you want in life but that doesn’t mean you have nothing. You just need to look at the things you do have in life. Its that simple. While you do this, you can keep working for things that you can have in life if you try.

The power of gratitude is an attitude. It is a choice. It is a habit. A grateful life is a life filled with contentment and happiness. Live one day at a time.

So, what are you grateful for today? Let us know in the comments about the things which make you smile.

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