Top 7 New Year Resolution Goal: Quick Checklist
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With New Year comes new resolution goal. Every year we think to do something better in life. Improve something in daily routine be it health, relations, fitness, finance, career, travel etc.

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To make positive change we have to work on few common habits for this New Year.

1. Wake up Early: Health Goal

To achieve health goal. Waking up early morning is the first step towards good health. Early to bed, early to rise makes the men, healthy, wealthy and wise. Start your day at 6 am early morning, do meditation for 20-30 mins. Eat healthy food, avoid junk food for a month or so and live great life.

2. Exercise: Fitness Goal

We all want to be fit, but how often do we exercise? Hardly once a week or twice a month. You may be working out daily though, then you might be good. If you aren’t doing exercise or going out for a walk then start your plan of action now. Fitness goal should be achieved this year. Go to gym, Do Yoga if not then at least perform few basic exercise you used to do in school days. Keep working on your body and stay fit.

New year resolutions

3. Get Organized: Self-Management Goal

Management is most important in our daily lives. Manage your plans and day before its too late. Whether its 2018 or 2019 years will pass on and you will never come to know how small life is. Under self-management comes all our goals: time management, health management, career management, travel, finance, etc.

4. Learn New Skills: Career Goals

There are many platform available nowadays where you can learn new skills. Want to learn new coding skills? Go to Udacity, Udemy, and Codeacademy. Online platforms like edx, coursera have courses for all domain like personal development, business development, hobbies, communication skills etc.
Decide your goal and start your courses. You can opt for free courses as well. Add new skills to your life and stand ahead from the crowd.

How to set new year resolutions

5. Travel Often: Travel Goal

You are not the same person when you comes from a trip, people often say that, which is true. Travelling gives us new perception of living. Attitudes towards life changes every time we travel.
Visit atleast 3-4 different places, which you have never been to. Plan a trip with loved ones and enjoy life.
Don’t just work hard throughout the year. Take some time out and travel. Life is also about enjoying nature’s beauty and cherish!

6. Smart Investment- Financial Goal

Finance is the key to all. Without money you can’t buy any materialistic things. Set a proper investment plan. Get in touch with financial adviser and tell them about what you want to achieve, they will give you many options on investment.
Mutual funds, Fixed Deposit etc., life insurance etc. There are many policies which are available where you can start investing some amount monthly, quarterly, yearly. Think carefully before investment as you want better interest and no loss. Save and secure your future.

Top 7 New Year Resolution Goal: Quick Checklist
How to set new year goals

7. Live Moment with loved ones: Relationship Goal

Building relation is one of the toughest thing in world. We meet many people in our daily lives. Friends, Colleagues etc. Few of them stay with us in our lives due to our great bonding during college/ office time.

Apart from family we have few people who are special to us. If you haven’t met your school, college, former office colleagues with whom you shared good memories, take some time from busy schedule this year and meet them. Relive moments with them. Plan a trip, If not atleast call them up and see what’s happening in their life. Make your bond stronger with them.

If you are staying away from family then go and meet them. We are growing and parents too are getting old, respect and make them feel how important they are to you.
Sort out any conflicts you have with loved ones, and live moments as life is shorter then you imagine. Live life with no regrets.

There are many areas in life where you want to improve something, don’t wait just start working on it. Its not that difficult.

I wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019
May all your goals be achieved this year!
All the best for fresh New Chapter


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